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Patient Success Stories

    • Barbara Saunders

      Barbara Saunders

      Regency Hospital-Northwest Indiana, Indiana

      Barbara Saunders taught social studies to junior high students for 32 years and loved it. She was preparing lesson plans one January when she grew weak and her legs gave way. Barbara was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with necrotizing… View more

    • Ernest Mickens

      Ernest Mickens

      Select Specialty Hospital-Tallahassee, Florida

      Ernest Mickens and his wife, Latonja, were energetic and athletic. Each week they ran several miles together, the family dog running alongside them. January 2010, while attempting to trim a tree, Ernest fell 30 feet to the ground and was critically… View more

    • Christopher Newman

      Christopher Newman

      Select Specialty Hospital-Akron, Ohio

      Nineteen-year-old Christopher Newman was working in New York City and on his way to dinner one evening. He was sitting on a bench on the subway platform, waiting for some friends. As he stood up, he fell into an oncoming subway train, which tossed… View more

    • Carolyn Abeyta

      Carolyn Abeyta

      Regency Hospital of Central Georgia, Georgia

      Carolyn Abeyta considers herself a "can do" girl. The physicians and staff at Regency Hospital of Central Georgia call her a miracle. Carolyn's story began with a simple fall at home. A few days after, she noticed she was dizzy, short of breath and… View more

    • Eugene Williams

      Daniel Williams

      Select Specialty Hospital-Tallahassee, Florida

      Daniel Williams, 22 years old, had just started a new job with an air conditioning company when he became sick with fever, a headache and a stiff neck. Within 24 hours of feeling bad, he went from interacting normally to a coma-like state requiring… View more

    • Judy Barth

      Judy Barth

      Select Specialty Hospital-North Knoxville, Tennessee

      Judy Barth was working in her yard when she experienced what she thought was heartburn. The pain increased to the point that she called for help. The last thing she remembers is scrambling for her insurance cards and passing out. Her next memory is… View more

    • Eugene Harris

      Eugene Harris

      Select Specialty Hospital-Memphis, Tennessee

      Eugene Harris and his wife Jerlean were working on his antique truck, trying to get it to start. He was working with the carburetor when it blew up. Jerlean bravely tried to rescue him by pulling his burning clothes away from his body, her hand… View more