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Patient Success Stories

  • Eugene Harris

    Eugene Harris

    Select Specialty Hospital-Memphis, Tennessee

    Eugene Harris and his wife Jerlean were working on his antique truck, trying to get it to start. He was working with the carburetor when it blew up. Jerlean bravely tried to rescue him by pulling his burning clothes away from his body, her hand badly burned in the process. Eugene was sent to the burn unit in Memphis in critical condition. Twenty-four percent of his body had been burned and his family was told he might not survive. A month and a half later, still unconscious and having survived several life threatening infections, Eugene was transferred to Select Specialty Hospital in Memphis. He was on a ventilator with pneumonia and required dialysis. Eugene was at Select almost two months, his wife by his side every day. While he was at Select, he weaned from the ventilator, his kidney injuries resolved and he no longer needed dialysis. His burns continued to heal and he was discharged to a rehab facility with the goal of returning home as soon as possible. Almost four months after the accident, Eugene returned home and the first thing he did was sell his truck. He says now he plans to enjoy the comforts of home with his wife of 46 years.